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ACH Payments

Seamless and easy Credit/Debit and ACH processing that

runs automatically.  

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Lower Costs


When we compare the fees for processing paper checks, credit and debit cards, and ACH payments, credit and debit cards come in higher since the fees are typically calculated as a percentage of the transaction.  While paper checks have the lowest transaction cost per transaction, they may not be the least expensive when taking into account time and labor expenses.  That leaves ACH payments, which, all things considered, are the least expensive payment method for you to accept.  When all of your transactions are added up, this kind of cost reduction can have impressive effects on your processing fees.



Paper checks are the most vulnerable to fraud.  They can be lost by the customer, or by the post office.  Even more scary, as the check is handled by several different entities the signature, full routing and account numbers, and name, phone number, and address are all plainly visible, leaving the information susceptible to fraud.  

  • ACH Payments eliminates the security risks of paper checks, increasing the chance that your customers will feel safe with you and your business.




Funding generally

takes an

extra day

Costs Less

No human intervention

More secure

Great for recurring billing

Great for your business


  • Easy for your customers

  • No forgotten payments

  • Easier to track - built into your reporting feature  

  • Simply convenient across the board



Your customers will not have to carry their checkbooks around or send checks in the mail, and they will have the flexibility of choosing a one-time payment or set up recurring billing.  You will not have to deal with trips to the bank, invoices, checks, records, etc.  ACH payments eliminates hassle for both you and your customer.  

Reduce human error and save time


Free up your employees to spend their time on other, more productive tasks.  

With ACH payments you eliminate the change for human mistakes to occur and the ensuing time spent fixing. 

Customers prefer ACH


According to the 2017 Federal Reserve Payments Study, the number of ACH transactions continual to grow at a rate of 5.1% annually.   

Create a better experience for your customer.

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