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Diligent Gateway

Unify every point of engagement and every device.

Gateway Solution

How do you accept payments?

On Your Website



Web and Mobile Gateway Payment Processing


With our gateway, you can seamlessly integrate with a growing list of 175+ Online Shopping Cart Integrations.  It’s the perfect solution for accepting credit, debit and electronic payments online.  Or integrate your app using our REST gateway API.



  • Payment processing via smartphone, tablet, or PC with Internet connection.  

  • Real-time transaction processing.

  • Multi-user platform.

  • Advanced Reporting.

  • Automated recurring billing with tokenization.

  • Customer Vault/Wallet stores customer payment information with tokenization.

  • Mobile Payments.

  • Payment Terminal for QuickBooks.

  • Swipe via USB.

  • ACH Payments.

  • Merchant and customer email management.



Sync Your Transactions

Skip the double entries and let QuickBooks® SyncPay handle your transactions from start to finish. From processing the transaction to creating the appropriate accounting entry to marking the transaction as paid, QuickBooks SyncPay handles it all from right within your QuickBooks environment.


Get Paid Faster


Invoice your customers via email with Electronic Invoicing. It’s simple, secure and efficient for both you and your customers. Customers receive an embedded link they can follow to submit payment and a PDF invoice with line-by-line detail delivered right to your inbox so you can get paid faster and more efficiently.

Happy Merchant



Prevent Fraud


iSpyFraud’s software allows you to anticipate and defend against fraudulent activity.  This solution can configure extensive filters to detect suspicious transactions before they’re approved, and additionally, are provided with enhanced reporting capabilities that give you access to all the information you'll need to root out fraudsters for good. 

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Take A Hands-Off Approach


Keep your hands clean with our Three-Step Redirect API. It ensures secure data transmission by keeping you from seeing, touching, handling, transmitting and even storing any sensitive payment information. This not only keeps you PCI compliant it also keeps your customers’ sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

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Protect Your Business

Your merchants and transaction data are your biggest assets and need to be protected. Our suite of Data Security and Fraud Detection services can help you guard your merchants and data from the unscrupulous, the shady, and the downright bad who could do their business harm.


Gateway Features

Used as a Payment Gateway:

  • Supports shopping carts

  • Customizable and custom integrations

  • HPP

  • Transactions auto-settled

As a Virtual Terminal:

  • Real-time, secure credit/debit card transactions with AVS

  • Direct swipe support for face-to-face transactions

  • Transactions auto-settled

As a Batch Upload:

  • Transmit a full batch of transactions with an automated response and return files via online or SFTP

  • Upload full batch files and download response files via the virtual terminal

For Recurring Billing:

  • Set your customers up for recurring billing and automate the processing of their credit/debit and ACH transactions

For Manual Billing:

  • You can store your customer’s payment data in the customer vault or wallet for future billing use; each data storage safe and secure with random tokenization

For ACH Processing:

  • Gives you the ability to electronically debit or credit a customers checking or savings account

Your secure payment gateway, just the way you want it.

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