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Retail In-Store Payments

Countertop Card Machines

Accept payments with terminals or our POS solutions.  

Countertop Terminal

Countertop Terminals

  • Tried, tested and true Ingenico and Verifone terminals may be old-school, but they are rugged, reliable and easy to use.


  • Plug-and-play terminals that feature PCI-certification and PIN debit encryption.

  • Restaurant/Tip Functionality with gratuity and server ID features.

  • EBT and Gift Card Functionality.

Great for:

  • Card Present “swiped” transactions

  • Card Present EMV, both contact and contactless.


  • NFC payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)

  • Plus you can run campus cards, stored-value, EBT, and more!


  • Apps are not just for your phone anymore! Our state-of-the-art POS systems and smart terminals can be customized with over 200 business applications designed to make it easier to run your business. Whether your business is brick-and-mortar, mobile or you operate from home, we have a ‘Smart’ solution that will fit your needs.


  • Complete POS system made simple and mobile with a smart terminal.


  • Apps for inventory, accounting, employee scheduling, business dashboard and more.

  • Terminals that help you sell more!







Poynt Smart Terminal

Vital Mobile LOGO.PNG

Sell Smarter Around The Store



      Features & Benefits:


  • Sleek, compact, practical full-function POS


  • Wireless connectivity means you're no longer tethered to one spot


  • Multiple payment types accepted, including EMV, contactless and magstripe


  • Delivers quick transactions via Android platform


  • PCI compliant


  • Easy to use with a 5" intuitive touch screen, fast thermal printer and scanning capabilities



  • Long-lasting battery life


  • 24/7 Support from our around the clock dedicated team


  • All-in-one mobile POS terminal


  • Countertop or hand-held payment solution

Vital Pro LOGO.PNG

Sell Smarter In The Store



      Features & Benefits:


  • Securely accepts multiple payment types, including EMV, magstripe and contactless payments


  • Cost-effective option for retail stores, restaurants, service providers, public services and all businesses who accept credit cards


  • Operates on Android platform  


  • PCI compliant


  • Customer-facing touch screen


  • Built-in printer reducing countertop footprint

  • 24/7 Support from our around the clock dedicated team

Vital Pro Back.png
Vital Pro Front.png
Vital Pro sideview.png
Vital Pro Plus Front.png
Vital Pro Plus Back.png
Vital Pro Plus Front PP.png
Vital Pro Plus Pin Pad.png
Vital Pro Plus LOGO.PNG

Sell Smarter In Store



      Features & Benefits:


  • Intuitive plug and play design makes it fast and easy for businesses to accept payments


  • All-in-one register/card reader/barcode scanner/printer/cash drawer


  • Tilt touch screen improves customer engagement


  • PCI compliant


  • Customer-facing screen


  • Android operating platform


  • 24/7 Support from our around the clock dedicated team


  • Integrated PinPad allows for EMV and contactless payments


  • Setting up your Vital Pro Plus is super easy.  Just unbox, plug in, connect, and you're ready to start accepting payments!


Smart POS systems

that you can customize to fit the needs

of your business to make 

running your business easier

Smart solutions to fit your needs.

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