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Payments On The Go

Accept payments with your smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere, with our mobile solutions.

Mobile Benefits

Mobile Payments

The biggest advantage of accepting mobile payments is that it makes it easier for your customers to pay.

This speeds up the checkout process and it also gives you the chance to engage with your customers.

Mobile Payments is ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs and startups looking for a reliable solution that is efficient and effective.

  • Cost-conscious owners wanting to keep expenses low.

  • Merchants that oversee every aspect of business operations.

Benefits of Mobile Credit Card Processing:


  • Save Time - handle multiple elements of your business including - cash and credit sales, tax and tip functions, void and refund, reporting, and email customer receipts.


  • Security & Fraud Prevention with encryption for all swiped transactions.


  • Online Reporting and account access via your mobile device or PC 24/7.


  • 24/7 Support from our around the clock dedicated team.

Our feature-rich app is available on Apple, Android, or Amazon devices!


  • Not only can you take payments on your phone, it can also be used as a POS, mPOS, a Virtual Terminal, for invoices, eCommerce, or even your own merchant studio!


  • Appealing and instinctive UI/UX


  • Capture credit, debit, EMV, cash, and check payments


  • Customer receipts can be sent via SMS or email


  • Tip settings


  • Tax settings


  • Mobile inventory management and barcode scanner capability


  • Detailed transaction reports and invoices


  • Send invoices via SMS or email to your customers that can quickly pay from any online PC or mobile device.


  • Export data to CSV or Excel files


  • Cloud-based inventory management


  • User Management and more

Accept EMV Cards & Contactless Payments

EMV-certified compact payment device that transforms your smartphone, tablet, and PC

into a robust and secure mPOS solution.

Audio Jack/Micro USB Device
Bluetooth/Micro USB Device



Accept EMV & Digital Wallets

Enables merchants to accept EMV Chip & Sign, NFC contactless cards, digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, as well as magstripe payments


Robust Security

Advanced encryption technology ensures secure, reliable operation in mPOS applications


Remote Updates

Over-the-air firmware updates and remote key injection facilitate field-level upgrades


Wide Range of OSs

Compatible with most smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS

Walker C2X is a compact, powerful card reader that supports EMV Chip & Sign, contactless payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay, and magstripe payment technologies.



There are two Walker device options: Bluetooth/Micro USB technology or Audio Jack/Micro USB technology. For convenience, a removable sticky pad is available to firmly adhere the Bluetooth version to a paired device.



Walker C2X’s embedded card reader expands a merchant’s ability to process card-present transactions anytime, anywhere via swipe, dip or tap. The device is also well suited for enterprise applications, whether part of a fixed tablet POS, or when integrated with mobile line-busting and tableside payment applications.



Firmware updates and key injection are supported via remote OTA (Over-the-Air) transmission, ensuring the device stays current. Walker C2X can be integrated with POS and payment apps using intuitive APIs and SDK developer tools or can be part of an end-to-end custom mobile payment solution.

Just imagine the perfect mobile solution that you'll love.

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